Monday, April 25, 2005

Tentative 2005 Calendar!!!!

Our 2005 Calendar is already coming together, and the promoters are collaborating very well to bring us a full calendar with as few conflicts as possible. The biggest news for Nor-Cal/Nevada Cyclocross has to be that the final 2 legs of 2005 Crank Brothers US Gran Prix of Cyclocross will be held here in Northern California, on two of our best courses: Watsonville (Velo Bella) and the series finale in Golden Gate Park (Pilarcitos). Here's a huge thanks to the Pilarcitos Cyclesports and Velo Bella folks for committing to the grand undertaking of these Category 1 UCI events. It will take a good amount of sponsorship to put these events on, so if you can help out, please contact the Velo Bella and Pilarcitos folks via their respective websites. More great news: Velo Bella is also planning a series on many of our favorite courses, in what can only be decribed as a "Surf City Revival" of sorts, though I'm not sure if the "Surf City" moniker will remain. Other than that, we already have a surprising number of dates spoken for already by most of our favorite NCNCA promoters. ['05 Calendar (tentative)]


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