Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Surf City #3 - Epic...

As with most epic races, far too many of you stayed home on Saturday. Still, there was some great racing in some truly epic conditions on hand at Surf City #3 at the Watsonville Fairgrounds. Ben Jacques-Maynes lent a hand to ace course designer Jeff Clark and the result was a challenging and fun twisty, muddy, and painful course across the hillside and lowlands of the Fairgrounds. Three tough run-ups including the grand-daddy of them all (the new BIG run-up) and of course, the trudge through the corral - a minute-plus of painful schlogging on foot thru shin-deep goop - added a few beats to the old ticker. Throw in some great off-cambers, back-busting mud pits, tough little climbs, and fun descents and you've got a great race.

Todd Hoefer showed his mud prowess in the M35+ race, he really knows how to ride that stuff. Rachel Lloyd, one the best in the business in the slop, dominated the women's race. Barry Wicks was head and shoulders above everyone else (figuratively AND literally) in the goop and took the Men's race by a comfy margin. In the Juniors race, Logan Loader outsprinted Lars Mommer for (by far) the closest race of the day. More winners and reports can be seen in the Surf City Results as well as in the Race Reports and Photos blog.

Oh, and here's my race report, if you care.

Thanks again to the Velo Bella gang and all the folks that helped put on, and break down, the event.


Blogger Olaf Vanderhoot said...

oop ... small correction. It was BJM and Brent Chapman doing most of the redesign of the course Friday morning.

Actually, we had 2 sections of the course fully completed that we had to pull out and trash when the Fairgrounds folks decided to inform us of changes needed (I say "we" ... when i really mean the volunteers who did all the work: Stevey G., Susie, Brett L., Brent, Dave 'el Sexy Boy', Katrina, Amy and Mary).

Anyway, after we had a seriously rabid brainstorming session - Brent and BJM went out and re-designed, on the fly, a new course that will live on in memories for quite a few years for the participants. Jeff Clark was the man who showed up a bit later and helped pull it all together.

Clark is the glue. He's the rock. He's ... ten tons of sexy, babay.

damn ... that was a good time.

12/12/06, 7:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aluf Vandersnot is on glue......

12/12/06, 8:09 PM  

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