Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bay Area Super Prestige Series Opens Sunday

This Sunday McLaren Park in San Francisco will be the starting point to the 8th season of racing for the Bay Area Super Prestige Series. Over the past 8 years, B.A.S.P. Owners Tom & Alex Simpson have worked tremendously hard to produce a high caliber Cyclocross Series worthy of National recognition. Their dedication to Cyclocross racing in and around the San Francisco City area has delivered a super popular series for all. The B.A.S.P. races bring Northern California's different regions into one ring for a main event- heavy weight battle- Cyclocross style. The popularity of the B.A.S.P. races are evident in the huge fields in all divisions, as well as the party like atmosphere that revolves around the racing. Personally, I admire and commend Tom & Alex Simpson for bringing together all of Northern California for the Cyclocross extravaganza that the B.A.S.P. has become. All levels of racers have a go on challenging courses, such as over 30 "C" Women at last years Golden Gate Park event. Hosting Cyclocross events in or near the big city of S.F. accomplishes quite a lot in terms relating to growth of the sport. Tom & Alex keep it fun for everyone, while also attaining a tremendously high competitive level in the advanced races. Some of the Men's divisions could have 100 riders on course at once. Racer numbers like this in certain divisions rival some of the biggest Cyclocross Series in America. When you bring together so many Cyclocross crazed athletes and fans good times are inevitable. So not only are the B.A.S.P events about fast racing and ultra competitive full fields, they are about fun and commodore among teams and racers. I fully recommend you take part in the B.A.S.P. races or venture to the event to cheer on the riders. The racing action is fast paced, and the fun and frolic of the locals can flow at a even faster pace. One key note for B.A.S.P. 2009 is their hosting of the NCNCA District Cyclocross Championships at Golden Gate Park. It looks to be a great season of Cross racing in S.F., & like all the racing in Northern California, the B.A.S.P. Series is awesome...

2008 Season B.A.S.P. Series Champions

Cat A Men- Josh Snead HRS Rocklobster
Cat A Women- Kathleen Hannon Freewheel Hunter
Single Speed - Cesar Chavez
Cat B Men - Jean-Luc Callahan Specialized
Cat C men- Henry Scholz Roaring Mouse
Juniors 15-18 - Isaiah Rapko Team Oakland
Juniors 10-14 - Spence Peterson Above Category Racing
Master 35+ B - Brian Staby Team Nor Cal Bike
Master 35+ A - Henry Kramer Cal Giant
Master 45+ B - Marc Kirberg Mako/Mellow Motors
Master 45+ A - Larry Hibbard Family Cycling Center
Master 55+ - John Elgart Webcor/Alto Velo
Cat B Women - Amy Padula Wrench Science
Cat C Women - Stacey Evans
Master Women 35+ A - Janel K. Lodge Blackmarket Racing


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Post and I will be there WITH MY HOOLA HOOP!

10/1/09, 11:12 PM  
Anonymous Pilarcitos Propaganda Dept said...

Round 1 of the 2009 Bay Area Super Prestige Series presented by Cannondale!

New for 2009:

•No Licenses! Here is our waiver for 2009, fill it out at home and save time in line.
•Cannondale Neutral Bikes. We 3 this week and 5 for the rest of the series. With our Neutral Ritchey Wheels and a second SRAM neutral pit you have every chance to finish your race no matter what happens.
Old Favorites:

•Sportsbasement Random Place awards. 4 categories each week will have a $25 Sportsbasement GC awarded to a random finish place announced at the start line. Also take your SB coupon in this week and save 10%.
•Team Tents will be placed along the fence near the start line.
PARKING: This is The City, parking is tight. Please car pool as much as possible. We have an overflow lot on the backside of the course, see map for location.

10/3/09, 3:31 PM  
Blogger Brian Bruckner said...

Looking forward to tomorrow's race. Hat's off to Tom and Alex. These guys work their ass off to put on this event. Thanks! Brian

10/3/09, 6:01 PM  
Anonymous queer dirtbag from the tenderloin said...


10/4/09, 6:30 PM  
Blogger macpaulster said...

Here's a video from BAPS #1 2009 McLaren Park. Enjoy:

10/6/09, 7:42 PM  

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