Monday, October 24, 2005

Site Update - Help Me Help You

Hey folks. So you may know that your web editor is on the DL for the season. Since I'm not out there racing this season I don't really have my ear to the ground (or mud, sand, etc), so I'd really appreciate y'all emailing me any articles, links (photos, articles, etc), news, results, and/or race reports you see fit to post on the NCNCA CX site. I'd love to have a full-blown user-managed wiki-esque extravaganza of a site, but alas I must maintain some control over the content to keep the NCNCA watchdogs happy. So...if you help keep me informed, we can all benefit from the process. Please bear in mind if you wish to submit a race report I'd love to hear about more than just your own race result (though Norcal "celebrity" first-person race reports are always know who you are). Anyhow, thanks in advance for your help. Hope you are all having a great season.
-Funke (email me)


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