Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Rookie of the Year

The votes are in, and the decision is unanimous - well...ok, it was just me - but Shelley Olds HAS to be the Rookie Crosser of the Year for the 2006-2007 season in Northern California.

Rookie of the Year
Photo: Tom Simpson

The HRS Rock Lobster rider proved she could tango with the top riders in the District, chalking up several wins (including the Bay Area Super Prestige overall) and giving veteran Rachel Lloyd a run for her money on many occasions. Shelley then went toe-to-toe with the best riders in the nation in Providence where she finished an impressive 8th place in the Elite Women's National Championships after starting well back in the pack.

You can read about her experience in her posting on the Rock Lobster team blog.

Congratulations to Shelley on a great season, we look forward to seeing you stomping hard next season!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

maybe the the year before she was the rookie of the year, she showed up last year at the races and did really well! that was her rookie year!

this year she was already one of the best road race chicks heading into cross, so it was obvious she would do well in cross.

you are a year late with this post funke,

you finally even decide to do some posts???

this site has been doing nothing forever, boring.........

1/9/07, 12:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with the last post.
I think last year she was rookie of the year, or Josie Beggs was rookie of the year last year. This year Olds could have been Most Improved. But she was no rookie this year.

1/9/07, 12:49 PM  
Blogger Velo Bella said...

rookie, cookie...
doesn't matter what you want to call her, she had an amazing year.

1/9/07, 1:46 PM  
Blogger funkdaddy said...

Didn't you guys hear? Last year didn't count because I didn't race - I didn't think anyone else did either ;-)

Le oops.

Oh well, I can't remove this post now. She's a rookie on the national scene anyhow...sorry for the mix-up.

1/9/07, 4:07 PM  
Blogger Jr. Curmudgeon said...

Whatever, Shelly had a break out year!
I vote for Jay Buenaventura as most improved male cross racer of the year!

1/9/07, 4:17 PM  
Blogger funkdaddy said...

And BITE ME with the "this site is boring" crap. Don't come back, see if I care.

If someone wants to start paying me to keep the site up-to-date I'll happily accept the funds. Until then, I'm off the bike for the season and on to other things, and I'll be posting mostly second-hand accounts because that's all I have time for.

There are plenty of people who have thanked me (and Dave Carr) for our efforts on this site, which is intended mostly for information on the Cyclocross Scene and anything extra is just because we had time for it. We're not here to amuse you, that's what Vanderhoot is for.

1/9/07, 4:20 PM  
Blogger Brent Chapman said...

She might not be a "Rookie" as far as her real experience goes she was an absolute rookie. At the beginning of the season the team was showing Shelley how to turn her wheels in the dirt to reduce from getting gapped. She did an incredible job of listening to her teammates and friends learning how to stay on two wheels (until surf city finals! sorry_) and riding smarter and not just ride on power alone.

There are some other gals who had some really good results this year like VB's Soni Paulson. Rona had a good year too for upgrading mid season. I can't think of them all, I am still hung over from new years but there are more than I can count on my hand..

It's cool that your recognizing a gal who could be another cross rock star from the bay area. The amazing thing is that you can list more than just a couple for our area pretty easily.

Good Job Shelley!

Oh Josie had quickest recovery vote from me.

ok back to my hole.

1/9/07, 6:51 PM  
Blogger Brent Chapman said...

oh and thanks Funke for doing da blog.

Its hard to keep up those behind the scenes jobs that no one appreciates.

1/9/07, 6:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...





1/9/07, 8:39 PM  
Blogger Olaf Vanderhoot said...

just gotta comment on that pic ... the look the poor Sachs rider gives as Shelly is pounding past.

... priceless. that's somebody who recognizes a racer moving forward.

good luck on the road/track this year, Shell.

1/9/07, 8:56 PM  
Blogger swiggman said...

Wow, I'm flattered. Thank you. I had so much fun racing cross this year. Norcal is such a great place to race. I am looking forward to next season already.

Although I had never raced at the national level, racing in Providence felt just like racing back home in CA because of all the familiar faces out there supporting and cheering. It was an incredible day for racing and I was extremely proud to represent norcal cross.

Thanks again for the post. You just made my day.


1/10/07, 12:07 PM  
Blogger Hooptie said...

Great shot Tom! Brent nailed it.

I just read this in the 2007 USA cycling rule book: In cross, one can be eligible for rookie status for up to 3 years. For example: Chris Horner. Chris raced last year...yet he was clearly still a rookie this year.

Shelleys nats race was absurd, check out the video of the first lap. She started 8th row, hit the dirt 42nd, was 20th by the end of the first lap, and didn't even see top 10 till the last lap. Viva Shelley!


1/10/07, 12:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There it is! If the USA Cycling handbook says something then it is LAW! USA Cycling handbook is the bible and so it is...........
3 years for rookie status!
It is written!

1/10/07, 12:17 PM  
Blogger Dave Carr said...

Nobody has thanked me lately... >sniff<

1/10/07, 2:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dave C
didnt that Belgium dude thank you for all your qualities and everything you do? i think he said you are a legend in their country of real men with shaved legs and real cyclocross racers!

so basically the entire country of Belgium is thanking you, that means the entire population of 9,428,000 people love you! and thank you!

1/10/07, 3:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I adhere to the USA Cycling handbook for all the laws and by-laws of everything! This is the law and we must follow the law. Chris Horner is a rookie even though I raced cyclocross with him in San Diego for about 3 years straight about 10 years back. But since Hooptie follows all the laws of the Book, then so be it! USA Cycling is the Law and they make the rules, so what is written is the way. What does USA Cycling say about beer drinking after Cyclocross races in the book of laws???? Hooptie can you help with this one, you always wearing your helmet when on your bike at all race venues rider you.

1/10/07, 6:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I vote for Shelly as the best racer too! She was very steady all year, and even though Rachael Lloyd beat her over pretty bad every time they faced eachother , Shelly raced more.

It shows good things come in tiny packages!

1/10/07, 10:47 PM  

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