Monday, July 30, 2007

Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships

Yes, that's right, our neighbors to the North at the Portland Single Speed Collective (PSSC) are putting together this inaugural event (November 10-11) in conjunction with the Cross Crusade folks. Here's an excerpt of the email we intercepted:

SSCXWC will be a 2-day event with a qualifying time trial and festivities on Saturday.

The time trial will include creative time bonuses, such as:
Sketchy aero bar descent
No saddle lap
No saddle and aero bar lap
Crazy steep hill climb
6pk barrier bunny hop
Feats of strength

The hoards will then compete in the mass start feature event on Sunday. A one-hour classic cyclocross event will be held at the infamous Estacada Timber Bowl, where someone will be crowned the new Single Speed Cyclocross World Champion. Hundreds of racers, spectators, and of course beer garden will be part of the event. Cross Crusade often draws in 700 + racers and united with PSSC it will make for the perfect combination of single speed madness and cross crusade jubilance.

I'm not quite sure what all this means, but it looks like another chance for Stella to get branded and add another WC to her palmares...

There ain't squat yet on the event website, but I'm sure some more details will surface soon.

Anyhow, it's on the Calendar now.


Anonymous abby w. said...

Wow, wow, wow, this is going to be fun. A world championship before a world cup. Looks like it's at a "classic" course for Cross Crusade: Estacada Timber Park, if that helps at all.

7/31/07, 6:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

chuckie says he knows this will be a celebration too crazy to miss, and he won't even be racin' !
Even if it is the beta version, it'll be worth the air fare to be at this inagural event.

8/28/07, 4:14 PM  

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