Monday, January 22, 2007

Masters Worlds - Kramer and Baumsteiger Nab Silver!

No race report yet, but it looks like Henry was in the sprint for the win in the Men's 50+ race, and Katrina was only 15 seconds off in the Womens 40+. Also, Howie was top 20 in the Men's 40+, and there are a few other Bay Area folks in the mix...

Great job folks!

Full results posted here. I'm expecting a Black Market Racing report soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice work Katrina, and Henry, and Mark, and who ever else raced over in Europe! Those are some great results for the USA folks who have the guts and courage to race overseas! You make us all proud here.

Keith D.

1/22/07, 4:26 PM  

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