Tuesday, September 25, 2007

NCNCA Cup Kickoff this Saturday

Lion of Fairfax adds Women 35+ for Series Opener.

The first annual NCNCA Cup presented by Sycip kicks off this weekend at the Lion of Fairfax race in Marin County. As mentioned in previous posts on the BabbleBlog, the new series brings together five great events from around the region into a season long celebration of CX.

Race Categories
The mission of the NCNCA Cup is to get all racers from all over the region to attend and make these events the best race in town each week. Whatever category you are in, there is a race for you at every event -- just check the weekly race announcements and pick the category that fits you best.

For the most popular categories, we will additionally keep score of season long points. These cats are: Men A and Women A, Men B and Women B, Master 35+ A Men and 35+ A Women, Master 45 A Men, Junior Men and Junior Women, and Singlespeed Open.

ALL racers are eligible to participate in the prize raffle at the series finals on November 25 at Golden Gate Park - just toss your number in the hat and you're in.

Women 35 racers note: The season opener at Fairfax has just added a Women 35+ category -- masters will race with the A's and be picked separately for season points. Make sure you let the registration staff know you are racing Masters when you register.

Merchandise and Sponsors
As noted previously, the title sponsor of the series is Sycip Designs, who have generously donated gift certificates for a CrossDresser frame and two custom powdercoat paint jobs for the series. Thanks Sycip!

Additionally, for the well dressed CX racer, the Cup series has series apparel designed by bike artist Brian Opsal (see logo above) as well as socks by DeFeet. Shirts and socks will be on sale at each event and all proceeds of merchandise sales will go directly into the cash purse for the end of season prizes.

CamelBak will be sponsoring the series with Elixir electrolyte beverage tablets free for racers at every event in the series. Pick one up and drop into your bottle for a refreshing, sugar-free electrolyte replacement.

Individual race promoters will also contribute schwag to the prize pot that will be handed out at the series finals in on Nov. 25.

Time to Roll!
Fall has arrived and this weekend's race should be fantastic. Check back at ncnca.org next week for a new blog dedicated to results, stories and such. See you out there!


Blogger Dave Carr said...

By the way, local hero Ben Jacques-Maynes sent the following comment:

"I'm a big fan of the whole "regional cup" idea and I think everyone's done a great job so far to get it going.

My motivation is to get "cross pollination" between the different series. I know Santa Cruz has it good but have seen good things out of the other series when I have gone there, I just need a good reason to go like the NCNCA cup.

I think branching out, trying new courses and events can rejuvenate a racer's love for the sport, and I think getting the best racers from each category together can only improve the competitive drive and overall excitement in the events and in the racers themselves.

I can't wait to try a few new races, meet some new people and "take it on the road," so to

--Ben JM

9/25/07, 5:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for clarifying the women's 35+ category. I appreciate those with the vision and passion to bring us another series. Should be fun!

Kathleen B.

9/25/07, 10:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a vision and passion for Kathleen B in her tights, and it is making my glasses fogged up!

9/27/07, 11:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone know where results for the Lion of Fairfax or for the overall NCNCA Cup are going to be posted?

10/3/07, 10:50 AM  

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