Sunday, October 04, 2009

Cross Is King In Northern California

Tom & Alex Simpson- the B.A.S.P. Series- & Mcleran Park in San Francisco hosted nearly 600 riders on Sunday- in what turned out to be an epic day of racing in Nor-Cal. The technical course designed was a challenge to all. One of the obstacles were a series of multiple tight apex switchbacks leaving no room for passing- especially on the first lap where space was a minimum in the large fields. Add on 2 steep climbs- that came seemingly back to back, numerous tricky descents filled with lots of bumpy sections, one steep pitched run up, and the route left all the racers feeling as if they got their money's worth. Karen Brems(Webcor) went off solo for most of the Elite Women's race, holding her gap to the line for a strong win. While Don Myrah(Ibis/ put forth one of the most outstanding performances in recent Nor-Cal Cross history, riding to victory in both the Master 35+ "A" Men's division & Elite Men's division. Other notes of interest from B.A.S.P. #1 were the sheer amount of racers that migrated to Mcleran Park. The "C" Men's division had a record 107 riders partake in the racing. There were nearly 50 Master Men 35+ "A" racers in action, and almost 80 "B" Men on course. The Master Men 35+ & 45+ "B" divisions were huge, and there were more Female racers on course then the first B.A.S.P. race in 2008. Cross truly is king in Nor-Cal!...

Video here....

Full Results here.....

Don Myrah emphatically answered the question regarding the speed of the Master Men 35+ "A" division Vs. The Elite Men's division. Answer: The Master 35+ "A" winner can do his 2nd race of the day and still win the Elite Men's race....
Karen Brems was on a solo mission while claiming the Elite Women's race....
The Men's Elite leaders- 36 year old Chris McGovern(HRS Rock Lobster) and 43 year old Don Myrah put on quite the tussle in the final laps. Myrah went on to the B.A.S.P. race #1 Elite Men's victory in what can only be called a incredible display of Cross skill & power from the past 4 time USA Elite Champion. Myrah was the overall USA National Cyclocross Champion in 1989, 90, 91. & 93....
The Master Men's 35+ "A" field boasted the most National & World Champion cyclists of all the divisions on the day. Casey Kerrigan patrols the start making sure no one dares jump his "Go" whistle....
One of Nor-Cal's best ever female racers Carmen D'Aluisio made a stellar return to Cross racing taking a solid 2nd place in the Women's Elite event.....
HRS-Rock Lobster sponsored Stella Carey rode an inspired race to claim 3rd place in the super talented Elite Women's division....
Courtney Shipman(Bike Station Aptos) had a strong run in the Women's "B" division....
It was a very impressive turnout of female racers at B.A.S.P. #1. Here at the start elbows were out as the Women fight for position on the first run up.....
Kathleen Bortolussi(HRS Rock Lobster) showed fine form in coming 2nd place in the Women's 35+ division behind Nor-Cal legend Linda Elgart(Webcor/Alto Velo)....
It was a sea of bicycles and racers on the first run up in the Men's 35+ & 45+ "B" divisions. Record turnouts made for some very tight racing on course.....

Top 5 Elite Men
1 Don Myrah Ibis/ 51:54
2 Chris McGovern HRS Rocklobster 52:05
3 Josh Snead HRS Rocklobster 52:26
4 Scott Chapin HRS Rocklobster 52:29
5 Jeremy Ferguson Cal Giant 52:49

Top 5 Elite Women
1 Karen Brems Webcor Builders 40:04
2 Carmen D'Aluisio 40:26
3 Stella Carey HRS Rocklobster 40:37
4 Sarah Maile Ventana MTB 41:09
5 Jill Fattor Rocklobster 41:38

other race winners...
Single Speed A- Tim Cannard
Cat B Men- Isaiah Rapko Team Oakland
Single Speed B- Ryan Johnson Roaring Mouse
Cat C Men- Jason Toth Stanford
Junior Women- Madeleine Myall Cal GiantSpecialized
Juniors 10-14- Matthew Valencia Above Category
Juniors 15-18- Julian Eisen SERT/Sho-air
Master 55+- John Elgart Webcor Alto Velo
Cat C Women- Corina Bigham Stone Racing
Master 45+ A- Robert Meighan Cal Giant Specialized
Master 35+ A- Don Myrah Ibis/
Cat B Women- Ashley Fouts CMO Council
Master Women 35+ A- Webcor/Alto Velo
Congratulations to everyone who raced!


Blogger DXW said...

Course was a bad-a** bone rattler. Great to see so many folks out there - would love to see some lap time comparisons.

10/5/09, 7:56 AM  
Blogger Courtney Shipman said...

great coverage, thanks guys!

10/5/09, 8:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought it was a cross race? Hello Barriers/Run ups.. there were two.

10/5/09, 9:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The placings debacle and people hanging out for hours to figure out what was going on was a bummer.

10/5/09, 10:22 AM  
Anonymous unbelievable said...

anonymous whiner KOOKS....stay home.
That course had a steep run-up, a set of boards, sand, mud, grass ,bumps, hills,double pit, paved climbs,drummer, fast descents, twists..etc...jeeeezus, get a life.

10/5/09, 10:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

good times, awesome course, no complaints.

10/5/09, 12:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

each course is gonna be different
it was good to have some jungle cross in san francisco

10/5/09, 12:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great cross race again Gang. As always Maclaren is tough. Hard on equipment and hard on the body. Definetely feeling it today. Hopefully everyone will make it out to the 1st Surf City race this weekend. It should really really fun.

10/5/09, 12:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice report Dusty. Cool photos and what a great day for Don Myrah.

I think it is great to race on all kinds of courses. Like Dusty said, the people got a good challenge on this course even if it was short.

10/5/09, 12:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice report Dusty. Cool photos and what a great day for Don Myrah.

I think it is great to race on all kinds of courses. Like Dusty said, the people got a good challenge on this course even if it was short.

10/5/09, 12:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too bad about the results mix up, but not uncommon this season. Thus far I've done 5 races: 3 DFL events, 1 LARPD event and 1 BASP.

The only results I've seen were from DFL.

10/5/09, 1:24 PM  
Blogger C Ward said...

killer race. A Crusher for sure. The run up was extra brutal this year, more like a climb up.

results were out Sunday night, quit whining.

Go home and cry about it silly roadies!

10/5/09, 1:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the harder courses. I like the CCCX courses and I like the LARPD courses and the Santa Rosa courses.

Some of those courses are easy, some are very hard. It is all good and if your complaining about anything on the course you probably are not winning that day. Hard courses improve your ability to deal with the dificulties you face. Some of my favorite courses were the Velo Promo races in the late 80's. One of those courses was ran in a dump yard. We need more of that type of racing.


10/5/09, 2:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nope,Masters Bs still not in. Not complaining, just saying it's too bad it happened.
What's your problem?

10/5/09, 3:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you think that coarse was tough come out to our 5p.m.Thursday nite training coarse out at Lexington Reservoir here in Los Gatos. Come here,ride hard and it makes these challenging courses much more managable. Two brutal run ups, soul sucking sandy dirt, and plenty of barracades. Don uses it,And the whole Buy-Cell team uses it with a few notable locals filled in. And the results speak for themselves. We would love to see some new talent show up. Ladies and kids are always welcome. Newbie? would love to have yeah. Spectators? Cowbells?Been getting those and a guy who plays Bagpipes. Really cool. Terrain is fairly rocky and bumpy like last weekend with this lake bottom sand mixed in. Tubulars hold up well though. Rain kills the place.So keep an eye on the weather. But like I said before this place will toughen up your sole and make you look at places like Maclaren without much concern.

10/5/09, 4:22 PM  
Blogger Brent said...

Can't say I miss racing that location.. My back thanks me.
But sure miss seeing those events.

What is up with all the out of retirement ass-whoopers?? gotta Love it.

10/5/09, 4:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

C ward- Know the facts before you make a post and please remove your hater attitude from the good vibe of CX

10/5/09, 5:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

C Ward is a tuff guy top 10 finisher now. alows him to be a hater. cause he is a cool mtb'r - not some fag roadie.

10/5/09, 5:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh and it looks like c-ward is calling myrah out for dope'n on his blog:

true hater

10/5/09, 5:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you can take the hick out of Chico, but...

10/5/09, 6:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

10/5/09, 6:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok, the guys got a big mouth, but can we talk about Sierra Point now?

10/5/09, 6:45 PM  
Anonymous tantric lovemaker on Tufos said...

settle down everyone.
C Ward is a cool dude in person, and we're all cool dudes (and chicks), thats why we race cross.

Don is just superfreak that has returned to his form of old. What I take away from this is you can be an old fart and through hard work return to the kick ass shape of your younger days. fuc*ing inspiring.

race hard, party harder....make cross - not war.

10/5/09, 6:53 PM  
Blogger Alan said...

truly un believable...every one of you..! i was on the receiving end of dons assault this weekend. man he just wrecked the place. i love watching him race...

10/5/09, 7:18 PM  
Blogger Miss Mary said...

Woowa guys, cool it-this isn't the place for this kind of banter.

Remember the audience: juniors, parents, beginners, women, nice guys.

You all have taken this way to far and personally I'm offended. Not about the complaining or discussion but that you would do it on THIS public forum.

You all really need to grow up & watch what you're saying and stop.

I ask the monitors of this site to please remove some of these comments.

I know cross is suppose to be kick back and all, but this is starting to go too far.

10/5/09, 7:29 PM  
Anonymous Jorge Carlin said...

well miss mary, i agree with your sentiment but i dont really see what there is to "censor" per say.

I think juniors,parents,beginners,women and nice guys can handle this kind of banter.

pretty tame frankly.

10/5/09, 7:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uh, while I kind of agree about watching one's language, I think mr. ward brought it on himself.
personally, I found trash talk more offensive than any of the "colorful" language that followed.

10/5/09, 8:04 PM  
Blogger funkdaddy said...

The censor is in (that would be me).

I was pinged to see if I could put a stop to this madness - but I think you guys have done a good enough job of it. Just keep it civil, folks, so I don't have to start deleting comments like I did in the old days.

Wanna see my blood profile? It's all about beer and corn chips...

Miss you guys,



10/5/09, 8:32 PM  
Blogger funkdaddy said...

BTW I can't deny I respect people who are brave enough to post un-anonymously, and I think this Ward fellow was just making a joke - albeit a REALLY REALLY REALLY BAD JOKE THAT FELL FLAT ON ITS FACE on a blog that prior to this posting had 0 readers. If he has any self respect he will apologize or remove the post. We'll see what kind of man he really is...

...and then there are those folks that hate anonymously...get some cajones, seriously...

10/5/09, 8:53 PM  
Blogger Dusty Downs said...

Editor & Cheif here.......

Lets be responsible and intelligent in comments.

A negative comment is ok, just keep it respectful and polite.

However, It truly is best to say something positive or do not say anything at all.

Being able to post comments on this site is a privilege not a right, so please show some class when you want to post a comment.

Also, if you have any issues with timely results being posted, course set ups, racers, anything..... it is best to direct your thoughts directly to the promoters or racers, or whoever can settle your issues or questions.

10/5/09, 8:54 PM  
Blogger C Ward said...

**Okay, if you have never met me I tend to be a bit sarcastic. This was a joke!! I am joking!! Don Myrah is a legend and I have all the respect in the world for him. I watched his 35+ race and it was an amazing display. I almost got to watch his A race because he was getting close to lapping me. If this comment offended anyone I apologize. It amazes me that he can train back up to such a high level so quickly. I feel sorry for the guys in his Nats age group, he is going to bring the hurt. Once again, joke folks.

10/6/09, 8:44 AM  
Blogger Privacy Law said...

Awesome race. I'm a mens 35+ B rider and still waiting my results. I sent an email to the organizers and they were awesome. Got back to me in less than a few hours with a great response. They are focused on the customer - the racers first and foremost. Obviously the turnout was overwhelming - which is awesome.

I'd rather race against 60 other people and wait a few days for my results than race against 5 and podium every time.

Tough race that left me black and blue and on such high spirits that all I could do was talk cross until I annoyed everyone I encountered thoroughly and completely by Monday evening, including my cross crazy wife.

10/6/09, 7:24 PM  
Blogger Benny "Toes" Dodge said...

I loved that course. It was NOT jungle cross, lacking any single track, gravel pits, or fallen trees to climb over. It was a fun course, maybe a tiny little bit on the mtb side, but I had a ton of fun. Makes me look forward to Surf City this weekend!

And anonymous posters, grow a pair and attach your name. Anybody can type angry words when nobody knows who you are. Doing so makes you look like a total punk.

10/7/09, 10:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm pretty new to cross, and it's only the 3rd time I've raced Crocker Amazon. This time seemed less "jungally" than previous races there. It was hard, but it gets easier every year.
(I'm posting anonymously, if that makes me a punk, whatever, just so I don't have to memorize another password).

10/7/09, 4:48 PM  
Blogger funkdaddy said...

BTW Commenting anonymously is welcome and encouraged.

Hating anonymously...not so much.

10/8/09, 10:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I Like Punk......

10/9/09, 8:41 AM  

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