Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Cyclocross In Sonora- Saturday & Sunday- Velo Promo Style

Northern California racers will be celebrating Christmas Cyclocross in Sonora on both Sat. & Sun.- Dec. 26-27, as Velo Promo and Bob Leibold will host the holiday weekend events. Saturday's race will take place at the challenging Cover's Apple Ranch course in Tuolumne. This venue was the location of the 1993 USA National Cyclocross Championships. I have raced at Cover's Apple Ranch on many occasions, and I can say with out any doubt that this is a truly epic course. This hard and demanding route will test physical power and technical skills to the fullest. This is a race not to be missed, and the race route is maybe the most taxing course of the year. Sunday's event will go off at Calaveras County Fairgrounds in Angels Camp. I have raced at this location in past years and the race route is a much more modern style circuit. The racing will be contested at a faster average speed then the Cover's course. Naturally the Velo Promo crew will seek out many obstacles in this venue to make things interesting on the competitors. There will be pavement, stairs, and grassy slopes used, thus making a circuit that is sure to produce challenges for all. I highly recommend Nor-Cal Cyclocross racers make the trip up into the foothills near Sonora to take part in these fantastic Cross events on this upcoming holiday weekend. Some of my fondest and most vivid Cyclocross memories are from battling the challenges and circuits that the Velo Promo races deliver. Bob Liebold has a special touch in putting together courses that bring out the best in the riders. This year's version of the Sonora Cross races are sure to create more epic history for anyone who races. The racing will be hard, and the racing will be fun. Merry Christmas to all!...


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