Sunday, December 06, 2009

Bay Area Super Prestige Series 2009 Version Complete- Karen Brems & Josh Snead Claim Elite Titles- Congratulations Division Champions

The BASP Series is complete for 2009. The popular Cross Series wrapped up its racing at Coyote Point on a course that was lengthy in distance and featured all aspects of Super Prestige course design. The famous beach section that forces most riders to dismount and run through the sand is always a crowd favorite of this race route. There are also equal parts on course of dirt trails and pavement bike paths that balance out the overall feel of the racing for the riders. Congratulations to race winners on the day- Josh Snead- HRS Rocklobster, Kerry Barnholt- Scott Ritchey, Cesar Chavez-, Jim Riley- Godspeed Courier, Brian Rogers- Sycip Racing, Alex Wick- Davis Bike Club, Maxime Schimmel- Bike Trip/SCJCC, Ryan Grant- Team Roaring Mouse, Tobin Ortenblad- Bike Trip/SCJCC, John Elgart- Webcor/Alto Velo, Joanna Bechtel- Hopkins Honda/Code 3, Michelle Monroe- Joselyn's/Burnham, Linda Elgart- Webcor/Alto Velo, Mark Howland- Blackmarket/Family Cycling Center, Anastasio Flores- CalGiant Specialized, Chris Donahue-Vertical Pandas, Chris Gaffney- Webcor/Alto Velo. Special props go to the BASP Series Champions- Cat A Men- Josh Snead, Cat A Women- Karen Brems-Webcor Builders, Master 35+ A- Don Myrah-IBIS, Master 45+ A-Mark Howland, Single Speed A- Tim, Cat B Men- Jim Riley, Single Speed B- Evan Sarna- Sheila Moon, Cat C Men- Alex Wick, Junior Women- Madeleine Myall- Cal GiantSpecialized, Juniors 10-14- Ryan Grant, Juniors 15-18- Brandon Chan- Sycip Racing, Master 55+- John Elgart, Cat C Women- Jamie Schoenborn-Roaring Mouse, Cat B Women- Michelle Monroe, Master Women 35+ A- Linda Elgart, Master 35+ B- Chris Donahue, Master 45+ B- Zachary W. Beekler Pen Velo/Pomodoro. Full results of all the action can be found here- Some great photos and some other Cross tidbits can be found here-


Blogger GenghisKhan said...

Sand? Folks gots to hoof it through the sand? That's just plain 'ol mean! ;o)

12/7/09, 8:43 AM  
Blogger bikesgonewild said...

...would it be bad form for me to mention the post of: Thursday, August 13, 2009 ???...

...anybody 'member that one ???... was titled: Josh Snead- Nor-Cal's #1 Cross Racer In 2008 wherein certain "young guns" & their supporters made certain claims of just how certain they were of usurping mr snead's upcoming efforts & by golly, here we are at the end of the "bay area super prestige series" & by gosh, it looks like josh snead goes ahead & wins the series title...

...hmmm...kinda interesting how that worked out, huh ???...hey, i'm not sayin' anything, i'm just sayin'...

12/9/09, 1:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey Bikes Gone Wild-
wow your a fool-
last time I looked Young Gun was winning the Junior National Championship and doing USGP races as the #1 ranked Young Gun in America. Snead is amazing, but at least there is Junior's around here to push the old farts! Sure Dusty was spot on by listing Snead as the #1 rider in Norcal last year. And Snead backed that up by winning the BASP series as well as the final race there. But the Young Guns in Norcal have made bigger noise on the national level then Sneadly has. Snead is really good for a little guy. But it was the year of the Young Guns, like it or not.

Strawberry Farmer

12/18/09, 5:25 PM  

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