Monday, November 16, 2009

Big Bash In Brisbane!

The Big Bash in Brisbane for B.A.S.P.'s #3 "night race" had epic action in each and every category. Cyclocross racing in Nor-Cal is very much alive and kicking, and this past weekends "night race" raised the level up a few notches. One of the best shows of the after sunset racing was between Kerry Barnholt(Scott/Ritchey) & Barbara Howe(Vanderkitten) who put on the duel of the night, highlighting the Elite Women's super competitive status in Nor-Cal racing for 2009. Howe showed incredible speed during the contest, and when push came to shove the only Elite Women's rider to match her pedal stroke for pedal stroke was Barnholt. It came down to a bike throw for the win and video review to determine which rider earned the victory. In the end a spent Barnholt prevailed for the win. Kathleen Hannon(Hunter/Freewheel) also rode a stellar race finishing only 14 seconds behind the two leaders for third place. Aaron Bradford(Onsite Ultrasound) backed up his previous weeks CCCX win, with a commanding win in Northern California's one and only night Cyclocross race. Bradford had to separate himself from the entire HRS Rock Lobster Men's Elite team for his solo win. Bradford used fitness, form, & skill to top the best riders from Nor-Cal and abroad. Bardford was so clean when bunny hopping over the final B.A.S.P. board section on course, it looked incredibly smooth and natural. It was deserving he was able to distance himself from the chasers and claim the win. Chris McGovern(HRS/Rock Lobster) & Josh Snead(HRS Rock Lobster) led the chasers home claiming 2nd & 3rd place respectively on the night. My hat is off to all the racers and fans who made this special "night race" in Nor-Cal so sweet. Each division was stacked with record breaking numbers of riders. Fan support was off the hook, making for an awesome time at the races for spectators as well as competitors. Please go to this page of NCNCA racing to have a glance at all the radical photos that this race produced-


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a note about Kathleen Hannon's effort. With the wind and all, drafting actually played a big role in the race and Kathleen was out there all nite solo to hang on for 3rd. That was an amazing performance.

11/17/09, 9:14 PM  
Blogger Dusty Downs said...

I agree with you 100%. That is why I made sure and mentioned her stellar ride. I saw it all go down and her ride was amazing and I made sure to include her in the report. Keep up the great riding Kathleen!

11/17/09, 9:55 PM  

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