Thursday, October 22, 2009

B.A.S.P. #2 This Sunday!

Tom Simpson has been sending out some good info on the upcoming Bay Area Super Prestige race this Sunday at Coyote Point. Regarding the course: Coyote Point course – we are saving the beach and the flats of Coyote Point for our traditional December date – this weekend’s circuit will be on the knoll above the beach but featuring some old friends we haven’t visited since 2002. Regarding the course conditions: Course soil conditions since the last couple of drenchings – pretty soft. Overall this will be an up ‘n down course with 3 different pavement sections to give you a breather before more of the “work” stuff comes. On his action zones: TRP Brake Zone will consist of a UCI-legal sandpit (that’s one that hasn’t been purposely built just for the race) and run-up. Our SRAM barricades will have 2 locations, either of them potentially hop-able, if you’re able. On the parking and road access issues: Caltrans has at least another year to go before the Peninsula Ave. exit project is completed. So - listed below are the available access roads to get to Round 2 of the Bay Area Super Prestige Cyclocross Series,presented by Cannondale! When coming to Coyote Point from the north (San Francisco), use Highway101 South. Take the Poplar Avenue exit. Turn right onto Humboldt until Peninsula Avenue. Turn right onto Peninsula Avenue. Go over the freeway, and then circle around and into the Park.When coming to Coyote Point from the south (San Jose), use Highway 101 North. Take the Dore Avenue exit. Immediately turn left onto NorthBayshore Boulevard. Turn right onto Coyote Point Drive to the park. There is going to be some serious action going off at Coyote point this Sunday. For more info please have a look here- ...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

such an awesome course. fun to race, and a nice place to spend the afternoon watching too.
Thanks B.A.S.P.

10/25/09, 5:05 PM  

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