Sunday, December 16, 2007

Johnson, Compton win Elite Natz - Rachel Lloyd grabs Silver

Tim Johnson and Katie Compton took wins in their respective Elite races today at Cyclocross Nationals in Kansas City - no big surprises though the races sounded pretty exciting with Johnson overtaking Page in the final minutes, and our own Rachel Lloyd showed fine form and skills to take a very close 2nd in the Women's race. Way to go Rachel!

See Cyclingnews or KC's Results pages for more....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah and Jacques-Maynes wins Masters 30-34 - dude, you don't work - sand bagger!

12/16/07, 6:42 PM  
Blogger funkdaddy said...

Um....yes, he does.

And regarding the sandbagging comment - see my earlier rant.

12/16/07, 10:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This had to be the best ever nationals for NorCal racers. All the great events in this area only make the riders stronger and it is so great to see all the good competiton paying off. Props goes out to all the racers who fought it out in that freezing tundra. And thanks goes out to all the promoters who keep the racing going so we can develop our racers.

Coach Matt A.

12/16/07, 11:29 PM  
Anonymous dave.libby said...

The sandbagging comment is just plain ignorant. Worse than that, it's cowardly. If you're going to call someone out, at least have the courage to use your name.

I saw that race. Andy came through on the bell lap about 20 seconds behind and I was thinking, " Hell of a ride, but you'll never catch him". When he came through with the win, I actually got a little choked up. Thinking about what he's come through this year is inspirational. I've often thought about how I'd react if I was badly injured. I like to think I'd show the same kind of heart and determination that Andy (and my buddy Jordi) did.

Andy earned that win the hard way. You could learn something from that.

Dave Libby

12/17/07, 9:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


and everyone is a winner in their own way

12/17/07, 11:04 PM  

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