Monday, July 13, 2009

"A Look Back"- Gina Hall 2004

Northern California racing has produced many outstanding fast women of the Cyclocross discipline. The names of female racers who blossomed from Nor-Cal competitions and went on to compete at the National & World Class level is quite extensive. Gina Hall is one of the greats from Nor-Cal and I have always respected her as a person and a tremendous racing talent...

Adverse conditions only highlighted Gina Hall's talent on two wheels.....
Perfect technique and form made Hall one of the fastest Nor-Cal racers of all time.....
Gina Hall was one of this regions pioneer athletes who used the sport of Cyclocross to demonstrate her tenacity, athletic ability, and mental fortitude during competition. In racing her Cross bike, Hall was able to show everyone that being fast is not about gender, but more about desire and pure fluidity when going at it on two wheels. Hall produced many over the top results, such as 2004 US Cyclocross Nationals- 2nd, 2004 US Grand Prix/Crank Brothers Series, Seattle, Washington- 1st, 2004 Bay Area Super Prestige CX- 1st, 2003 Bakal Holland- 1st, 2002 CX World Championships, Belgium- 13th, 2004 CX World Championships, Pont Chateau, Fr- 12th, 2004 CX World Cup, Nommay, Fr- 6th, 2004 CX World Championships, Pont Chateau, Fr- 12th. These results- and so many more- really show why Hall is one of the true legends of Nor-Cal Cyclocross.

I found this excellent interview with Hall from CyclingNews that really shows her knowledge of racing at a World Class level, and how difficult it is to live the dream of being a professional bicycle racer.

Here is the link- have a read, a quality report I would say......

Gina Hall can still be seen riding her bike in Northern California, mostly for fun & still putting the hammer down on anyone who tries to speed ahead of her elegant pedaling style.

Hall even showed up and took part in one the Central Coast Cyclocross races recently.

I have always admired Gina Hall the racer. She set the bar very high for other female athletes who today follow in her foot-steps and take on the challenge of racing ones bike Cyclocross style.


Blogger Benny "Toes" Dodge said...

I'm digging the look back segments. Gina Hall and Wheat both deserve some props. They've been killer racers for a long time. I'm looking forward to more of these. I'm also looking forward to seeing the calendar for this cross season. Hint-hint. Not to mention all the Bay Area crossers come September/October.

7/18/09, 8:24 AM  
Blogger vernor said...

My experience interviewing Gina(for puresweethell) was inspiring. She was so humble about her talent, and while being an elite racer she was conscious and appreciative of the community that existed around her with Cyclocross.

Thanks for keeping the memory alive with these "look back" postings.

7/24/09, 12:23 PM  

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