Tuesday, December 30, 2008

NCNCA Cup Finale Sunday at the Fairgrounds!

Series Overall and Raffle Prizes Up For Grabs

The stage is set for this Sunday's NCNCA Cup Finals (a.k.a. Peak Season Cyclocross Series Race 2) and Raffle at the Watsonville Fairgrounds. The weather is looking absolutely perfect for a winter day in Nor-Cal, so bring out the family and make a day of it.

While a few of the categories are pretty much sewn up (methinks Alan and Stella just need to pin on their numbers), most are definitely not, especially when you drop one race from the results. Here are the current standings.

More details:

NCNCA Cup Series Overall
  • Series overall winners will be tallied from the best 5 of 6 races in the series
  • Riders must compete in the final race be eligible for the overall
  • The final race will NOT be weighted (apologies for confusion)
  • Awards will begin promptly after the last race
  • Final Overall Standings will most likely NOT be available at the race - only the podiums will be tallied on the day of the event - Casey will probably tally these ASAP the following week
NCNCA Cup Raffle - You May Already Be A Winner!

Well, not really, but most likely you already have a handful of raffle tickets in your name. After registering for your race, come over to the NCNCA Cup table and present your race number, at which point you'll receive one raffle ticket for each series race you participated in on our tally sheet plus one for the current day...
  • Every rider who raced in ANY race in the NCNCA Cup Series (including non-overall series events) will receive one raffle ticket for each race they participated in
  • You must be present to be eligible
  • You must come to the NCNCA Cup table to claim your tickets - if you don't, you forfeit your chances
  • 3 Santa Cruz Stigmata frames are the grand prizes
  • We'll also be raffle-ing off unsold NCNCA Cup glasses, socks, and t-shirts
  • We might allow people to purchase raffle tickets but if we do, we'll price them somewhere in the $5-10 range (still working out) - because we are really focusing on participation as the main criteria for the raffle
  • Raffle will immediately follow series overall award ceremonies
Hope to see you all out there!

Oh, and a big thanks to our sponsors:


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