Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Big Weekend Ahead with Surf City - NCNCA Cup Round 2

Following a massive turnout last week at the BASP McLaren Park race (see Dave Carr's Babble post on this race), we are now rolling into the real meat of the season - great races, great weather, great turnout, and now another big week with three races on calendar including Round 2 of the Santa Cruz Bicycles NCNCA Cup.

The NCNCA Cup hasn't received quite the level of hype it did with its debut last year, but the foundation concept remains rock-solid: Take a selection of great races and venues from around this great land of ours, and tie 'em together into one season-long series. Even if you're not a points chaser, the NCNCA Cup is a great thing because you know that on that day, in that spot, that will be the place to go for the best CX scene that the region has to offer. And this week's round 2 of the NCNCA cup at Surf City is no exception - from the great venue at Soquel HS, to the kids event and the ever popular costume race - this is one event you won't want to miss.

Meanwhile, on Saturday there are events to select from all over the place - from the Sagebrush race at Genoa up in Nevada, to the Livermore series closer to the Bay, and the Velo Bella 'cross clinic down in Soquel. The weather will be great so there's no excuses. See you all out there, and check out the details in the calendar.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually your wrong.
The ncnca cup has been just as much attention as last year, if not more.

We at Santa Cruz Bicycles believe the quality of the racing is superior to last year, ad so is the organization and sponsorship input.

Lets keep the racing going strong.


10/24/08, 5:36 PM  

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