Thursday, October 30, 2008

Check it out...Cyclocross Weather

Guess what, cross fans... according to the Weather Service, we've got your first genuine 'cross weather of the year on tap for this weekend with rain through Friday and Saturday.

On the plate for this weekend: On Saturday, round 2 of the Bike Monkey Santa Rosa CX series. For those of you who think that the North Bay is only about Marin land rovers and Humboldt weed, you should venture up to check out the very solid cycling scene in Santa Rosa. The first race was very well received and remember, this is the only series outside Belgium to feature racing in's the real deal, folks. Sunday, we have the ever popular Candlestick course for the SuperPrestige Round 2, and also another Homegrown race down in Fresno.

This early in the year the rain will probably do little more than tamp down the dust at Candlestick, but Saturday's race in Santa Rosa may actually feature mud. Mount up your best wet gear and let 'er rip!


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