Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Paul Doran's Surf City Photos Of The Week

Paul Doran nailed down some amazing race photos this past Sunday at the Surf City Cyclocross Series final race. Doran spent the entire day on site scouting for the best locations to practice his trade of clicking off fantastic race photos. All of the Northern California photographers who take the time to film the races should be commended and thanked many times over. The NCNCA Racing page is the place to go if you want to see countless sets of race photos from anyone who passes along their work for the viewing public. Here is the link for the NCNCA Racing page where all the photos can be found- And here is the link to Paul Doran's set from this past Sunday- Next Stop for Nor-Cal Cross will be at Cross In The Capitol in Sac-Town & The Central Coast Series in Monterey. Please read on for The Photos Of The Week...


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