Tuesday, July 27, 2010


It is that time of the year for people to start thinking about Cyclocross & preparing themselves for the Cross Season ahead. Velo Girls & Lorri Lee Lown already sent out some great info on their Velo Girls Cross Clinic. Velo Girls always put on outstanding clinics and the group sessions they run are super informative and very fun to participate in. I highly recommend this clinic to all levels of racers. First time Cross riders, as well as Elite level athletes can benefit from these clinics. Matt McNamara & Sterling Sports Group definitely have Cyclocross fever, and they are focused on sharing their joy and passion of the sport with Northern California competitors. The Sterling Sports Group offers advanced clinics, weekly training series, plus an awesome CX Webinar that is sure to highlight all aspects of racing and training for Cyclocross. The Sterling Sports Group coaching staff will share their excellent knowledge of basic Cross fundamentals, equipment selection, training plan designs, plus race tactics & strategy. Information on the Sterling Sports Group Advanced Cyclocross Clinic is here. The Sterling Sports Group Fall Cyclocross Training Series here. And the Cyclocross Webinar information is here. There is sure to be more Cyclocross Clinic activities that will take place over the next few months leading up to the first races of the season. Clinics are fun, informative, rewarding, and lead to a great season of racing...


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Missing Link / 3rd Rail Cyclocross Clinics at Cesar Chavez Park (http://www.ci.berkeley.ca.us/ContentDisplay.aspx?id=56000) Sunday, Aug 15th and Sunday Sept 12th.

9 to 11, All levels welcome!

8/12/10, 8:57 AM  

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