Thursday, February 25, 2010

B.A.R. Rankings Complete

The final Best All-round Rider(BAR) rankings are complete! Please review- It has been an amazing journey tracking the NCNCA Cross racers and Joe Miller deserves huge praise for his effort to adhere to my demands of a complete BAR rank system that tracks all division from nearly every race of the season. Joe Miller is a true mastermind of the BAR spreadsheet, and his tenacity to establish the most complete BAR rankings is exactly what I requested. In the end there were over 1800 different rider entries, and over 8000 different race scores. Congratulations to Juniors Madeline Myall(Cal Giant Inc.) & Tobin Ortenblad(Bike Trip Cyclo-Cross Team) who both claimed Junior high honors in the BAR rankings. The Elite Women's division was a run away win for Karen Brems(Webcor). Brems was on the front in every single race she entered during the year and was a deserving BAR champion. Josh Snead(HRS Rock Lobster) backed up his outstanding season last year with the overall BAR title for Elite Men this season. Snead was the B.A.S.P. Series champion and placed high in seemingly every other race he entered during the 2009/2010 season. Don Myrah(IBIS was possibly the biggest story of the 2009/10 Cross season. Mryah had the most combined points of any racer during the season. Myrah was the 35+ Masters A division BAR winner, and also finished 6th in the Elite Men's division. Brett Lambert(HRS Rock Lobster) won the 45+ Masters A division going away. Lambert posted race wins in almost each of the major Cross Series around Nor-Cal on his way to his 1st place BAR status. Kathleen Bortolussi(HRS Rock Lobster) was the Masters Women's 35+ BAR winner, and Soni Andreini-Poulsen(Velo Bella) the Masters Women's 45+ BAR champion. Joe Miller(Taleo Racing) had the most combined points in the B division. Miller scored his points in the B Men's group and the 35+ B division. The most combined points from the C division turned out to be the Aldrich couple- Angela & Doug. Congratulations to those BAR champions and the rest of top ranked BAR riders. Here are the top 10 BAR riders from all the "A" divisions- Elite Men- Josh Snead,David Wyandt(HRS Rock Lobster), Scott Chapin(HRS Rock Lobster), Chris McGovern(HRS Rock Lobster), Justin Robinson(Cal Giant), Don Myrah, Aaron O'Dell(HRS Rock Lobster), Cody Kaiser(Cal Giant), Jeremy Ferguson(Cal Giant), Aaron Kereluk(HRS Rock Lobster). Elite Women- Karen Brems, Stella Carey(HRS Rock Lobster), Kerry Barnholt(Scott/Ritchey), Jill Fattor(HRS Rock Lobster), Katrina Baumsteiger(Team Rambuski Law), Kathleen Hannon(Hunter / Freewheel), Carmen D'Aluisio, Bev Chaney(Roaring Mouse), Sarah Maile( Ventana Mountain Bikes), Gina Hall(Cal Giant). Master Men 35+ A- Don Myrah, Gannon Myall(Cal Giant), Todd Hoefer(Cal Giant), Tao Bernardi( Van Dessel Factory), Jesse Scatton(Bullseye/E Sac Bike), Henry Kramer(Cal Giant), Anastasio Flores(Cal Giant), Keith Defiebre(Scott/Ritchey), Steve Reaney(Cal Giant), Brock Dickie( Master Men 45+ A- Brett Lambert, Robert Meighan(Cal Giant), Logan Kelsey(Team Rambuski Law), Norm Kreiss(Cal Giant), Steve Hess(SCCCC Team Santa Cruz), Mark Howland(Black Market Racing/Family Cycling Center), David Anderson(Cal Giant), Richard Stone(Sterling Sports Group), Thomas Feix( Peninsula Velo / Pomodoro), Don Langley(Cal Giant). Coming soon- season ending awards compiled from an all star panel of Nor-Cal cross dignitaries...


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