Friday, January 15, 2010

Sacramento Series Final Saturday - Central Coast Series Final Sunday

It is the best of times for Cyclocross racing in Northern California. Precipitation and some winter-like weather might just bless the Nor-Cal racers and finally give the NCNCA riders a chance to race in the rain! This weekend features two outstanding race series hosting their final events for this season. Saturday is the Sacramento Series final at beautiful Granite Bay in Folsom. I have raced many times at Granite Bay, and the course has always been testing and tricky. Rich Maile and crew will undoubtedly piece together a race route that is worthy of Cross In The Capitol and the standards that have been set with their courses. Granite Bay always mixes in some sand and grass sections to spice up the racing and bring out the best in the competition. Please look here to the Sacramento Series web page for information on their Saturday race- There is also a Sac. Town Series ending party set following the Granite Bay race in a local restaurant. Fun times for all!! Sunday in Northern California will have the CCCX Series final at Ft. Ord, near Monterey. The Central Coast Cyclocross Series final is always one of the most thrilling races of the year. CCCX Series winners jersey's are on the line in each and every division. The Ft. Ord course is a race route that rewards bike handling, as well as pure strength and fitness. The dirt in this portion of Ft. Ord is near perfect for cycling this time of year, and if there is rain the riding only gets better. Traction is optimal & even in wet weather the course runs fast and is always rideable due to the hard packed nature of the terrain. The final race of the CCCX Series always seems to produce action to the highest degree. The racing is at the strongest caliber possible, and the good times seem to flow for all. Please note that there is a alternate route for access to the Day Camp at Ft. Ord where the race is staged. The alternate route will be used between 8:00 a.m. and 11:30 a.m., as there is a running event using portions of the regular access roads during that time span. Please look here for CCCX directions- And for all the info on the CCCX Series final please go here- This has been one of the most dry years of Cross racing ever for the Nor-Cal races. Do take advantage of mother natures gift of possible storms this weekend, and get on out there and race...


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