Monday, January 18, 2010


Some very strong photos were shot from the Central Coast Series and the Sacramento Series final races this past weekend. Jeff Namba and Steve Anderson delivered the goods from two epic days of racing in Northern California. The Sacramento Series final race played out on a stellar course featuring challenging sand sections that tested bike handling and power output. Racing through deep sand can be a art form if done right and the Granite Bay course offered riders a chance to have at the beach-like conditions a few times each lap. There were also some flowing single track sections leading to long straights of wind blown paths that forced riders into groups for protection, or left a rider alone to fend for themselves against the forces of mother nature. The Central Coast Series final turned into possibly the most epic race of the 2009-10 season. Rain peppered the course during the day and created some amazing challenges for the riders who were not afraid to race in the rain. Each turn on course became an adventure and lines changed in the corners seemingly each and every lap. Bikes became covered in mud and wet sand. The constant noise of break pads grinding the rims rang through the air as racers ripped hard on the break levers to attempt to control speed in the muddy conditions. Mud races bring the best bike handlers to the front. A rider who could navigate the race route with creativity and an unconscious insight could gain and advantage on riders who kept to the common lines. When looking at the following photos please click on each photo to enlarge the picture full screen. This achieves the full affect of the great photos that Jeff Namba and Steve Anderson produced from this past weekends races in Folsom and Monterey. Please read on for Photos of The Week from CCCX & Sac. Town Cross Series Finals...

Steve Anderson Ft Ord-
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Jeff Namba - Granite Bay-


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