Monday, August 18, 2008

Pre-season Update

Hey folks, sorry for not updating y'all - lots going on here in the Funke camp - mainly I've been on vacation...that and I've also decided to quit racing (well, actually my body made that decision for me).

Anyhow, we've got a lot to report in the next few weeks. I'm trying to get the site online so bear with me while I make some aesthetic fixes.

The Calendar is pretty much a done deal - note this year we're using Google Calendar so you can add it to your own calendar, use their Feeds, APIs, etc - if you feel like getting all Web 2.0 and all that. I'll be spiffing up the calendar page later this week but the dates are pretty solid.

The 2008 NCNCA Cup Series is also planned with a new sponsor and 6 of the best races we have to offer - look for a Press Release later this week.

Racing starts in just over 2 weeks with the first LARPD race, are you ready?