Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Metzger and AJM take Bay Area Super Prestige #2

Melodie Metzger (Velo Bella) and Andy Jacques-Maynes (Cal Giant) took convincing victories in the 2nd Bay Area Super Prestige Series race on a fast and loose course at Candlestick Point in San Francisco on Sunday. Melodie won her first BASP race over Stella Carey and Josie Beggs. Andy beat out teammate Justin Robinson with Aaron O'Dell rounding out the podium. In other races Dave Eastwood came out on top of a powerful M35 field, and Jeremy Ferguson took top honors in the Junior race.

Report on CyclingNews:

Pilarcitos full results:

Also see the Race Reports / Photos blog for photos.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Site Update - Help Me Help You

Hey folks. So you may know that your web editor is on the DL for the season. Since I'm not out there racing this season I don't really have my ear to the ground (or mud, sand, etc), so I'd really appreciate y'all emailing me any articles, links (photos, articles, etc), news, results, and/or race reports you see fit to post on the NCNCA CX site. I'd love to have a full-blown user-managed wiki-esque extravaganza of a site, but alas I must maintain some control over the content to keep the NCNCA watchdogs happy. So...if you help keep me informed, we can all benefit from the process. Please bear in mind if you wish to submit a race report I'd love to hear about more than just your own race result (though Norcal "celebrity" first-person race reports are always know who you are). Anyhow, thanks in advance for your help. Hope you are all having a great season.
-Funke (email me)

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

New Site Look

With the addition of our various Blogs to track news, PRs, Race Reports, and miscellaneous babble, we have set up a new home page which shows the most recent news items and the most recent Babble, PRs, and Race Report / Photos postings using RSS Feeds. BTW Babble is mostly Dave Carr running his mouth..err...keyboard. I had the brilliant idea of incorporating the USAC Cycling RSS feed...but that mother is S.L.O.W. so check out the link for the latest US CX News. If for some reason you can't see this properly, the old (now static) index page will be available for a limited time at:

If you feel like writing a race report and sending it to me I will probably post it, provided you feel like reporting on how at least a few other people did, ideally in different categories. Click my contact info at the bottom of the NCNCA page. Also, if you send me links to photos perhaps I'll find a way to put them on the Race Reports / Photos page...perhaps.

If for some reason you don't like the new look/functionality I don't know what to say except "sorry" and perhaps "tough luck" if sorry doesn't cover it. I really really needed some new buzzwords on my resume and now I can add "RSS", "Blog", and "PHP". Doesn't that make you want to hire me now?

Monday, October 17, 2005

BJM and Howe take Surf City Opener

The Velo Bella Surf City Cyclocross Series opened yesterday at Aptos High School. Ben Jacques-Maynes (Sierra Nevada) took the men's A race ahead of Justin Robinson. Simon Vickers, who seems to be racing on a different level this year, finished 3rd. The Velo Bella duo of Barbara Howe and Melodie Metzger finished 1-2 in the women's race ahead of Josie Beggs. Click the link to see all results for all categories.

Barbarella on a Tear

Over the last couple of weeks I've failed to mention how Velo Bella rider Barbara Howe continues her upward trajectory on the National CX Scene. After winning both races (Sat, Sun) in the big UCI weekend in New York a few weeks back, she finished 3rd and 2nd in last weekend's USGP opening races in Portland and Tacoma. Go Barb go!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Bay Area Super Prestige#1 - O'Dog and Peanut Rule 'the Stick'

Aaron O'dell (Rock Lobster) and Christine Vardaros (Velo Bella) won the first race of Bay Area Super Presige Series at Candlestick Park. Congrats to Aaron on his first big win in the Norcal Elite scene! One other performance of note was Chance Noble's incredible 4th place - if my math is correct Chance is only 16 years old and is indeed "scary fast" this season. Alan Coates barely beat Chance's father Mark in the Master's 35+ race. Full results are posted. [photos]